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GUARDIAN I x Athletic Compression Shorts x MMA Vale Tudo Shorts


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✔️ OPTIMAL HUMAN MEN'S COMPRESSION SHORTS | The GUARDIAN I is constructed of thick, sturdy, and strong materials specifically for rigorous athletic activities. Wear them on their own for MMA, Running, and Cycling; or as underwear and baselayer. 

✔️TARGETED COMPRESSION - FOCUSED MUSCLE SUPPORT | When you receive your GUARDIAN I's you will immediately notice thicker material in the quadriceps and hamstrings region. By increasing the compression around these key muscle groups studies have shown an increase in power out put, reduction in muscle vibration and soft tissue damage, and less post exercise soreness and swelling.

✔️INCREASED RECOVERY - MORE TRAINING | Reduces fatigue, muscle soreness and long-term overuse injuries. For adequate power and flexibility of the abductor, glutes, quad and hamstring muscles.

✔️QUICK DRY COMFORTABLE DESIGN | Breathable and moisture wicking to keep sweat away and dry fast. Lightweight and elastic material, for increased comfort and a wide range of motion

✔️FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN | The GUARDIAN I Compression Shorts are engineered for athletes that perform at the highest level at sports including MMA, Weight-lifting, Cycling, Running, and Football.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review