The Best and Top BJJ and MMA No-Gi Rashguards for Men | 2020 Ultimate Review Guide

The Best and Top BJJ and MMA No-Gi Rashguards for Men | 2020 Ultimate Review Guide

The Best and Top Men's BJJ Rashguards / Compression Shirts: The Ultimate Guide (2020)

It's REALLY difficult to find excellent quality BJJ Rash Guards or Compression Shirts for men.

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, that we have identified the best of the best!.

And in this post we are going to list exactly what we believe to be the top men's rashguards!

But you're probably wondering:

What should I look for in my Rashguard?

Rashguards have come a long way from the old school surfing ones and have now evolved to be more sleek and refined specifically for training.

So here's what you look for:

Ultra-durable fabric is absolutely critical since you will competing or training heavily in your No-Gi Rashguards.

Moisture wicking abilities and breath-ability is a given.

And finally, the durable threading is a must.  The last thing you want is for the threading to unravel!

Here Are Our Top Picks!

#1 Optimal Human Alpha I Rashguard | $34

The Alpha I Rashguard is our the top pick!

It’s a clean cut design that focuses on quality over art-work.

From the clever feature of under-arm mesh pits to keep you cool, to the V cut of torso to ensure that the rashguard does not rise above your belly while training.

In addition the Alpha I Rashguard has reinforced stitching to reduce the probability of the threads unraveling.

Pound for pound these are the best rashguards / compression shirts on the market!!

#2 Anthem Athletics Helo-X  | $39

Coming in at number two on our list is Anthem Athletics.

Made from lightweight, moisture wicking material, this rashguard is optimized for BJJ, MMA, and Submission Grappling.

Although it is fully sublimated the graphics and logos will need crack or peel!

#3 Venum Vikings 2.0 Rashguard | $54.95

Next up we have Venum Viking 2.0!!

Thus far we have presented rashguards that are more subtle in appearance then without a doubt this Rashguard by Venum is for you!  

With it’s beautiful yet intimidating design along with it’s reinforced seams and rubber banded waist, you will be extremely satisfied with this product!

Perfect for BJJ, MMA, and grappling.


And coming in at #4 we have the Bad Boy Soldier Rashguard!

The  Bad Boy Soldier Rashguard features a thicker fabric that locks your natural body heat to improve warm-ups.

Built to withstand the most savage No-Gi fights and workouts, it features a silicon waistband to stay perfectly in place and ensure total protection.

Its fast-drying fabric eases the sweat evacuation to keep you dry and comfortable during high-intensity effort.


Next up we have Fuji delivering the Sports Freestyle IBJJF Ranked Rashguard

FUJI is a well established name in the martial arts community thus you know they will be delivering quality products.

The Sports Freestyle features reinforced stitching, anti-microbial fabrics, and naturally it’s IBJJF Approved!

Overall they are good value!

And There You Go…

Our Very Best and Top BJJ and MMA Rashguards For Men.  Select a style from our list and prepare to hunt some submissions and hone your skills as a Mixed Martial Artist!

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